Sapporo and Niseko '15

January 03, 2016

 It's been too long since I've seen an actual blanket of snow. Wrapping yourself in bundles of layers and thick puffy insulated coats may seem ubiquitous to the locals in Japan, but not to us. The fiery mist that we let out as we speak while our hypothalamus insists to keep us warm. These are all the things I've learnt to appreciate as I stroll the streets of Sapporo. We were treated to a pleasant white Christmas with frozen roads and cars driving miles below the speed limit to avoid skidding on the ice. 

Nevertheless ending off the year with snowboarding in the foothills, maybe not swerving and doing stunts as I planned but more of the plummets to the glimmering snow and mini tumbles which were probably too embarrassing to watch. 

Walk underground amongst the interconnecting train lines 
Though you still need to wrap yourself in layers it does help from avoiding the chilly breezes and being surrounded by others walking past creating body heat. 

Stomp in the white powder
The lightweight lumps that moulds around the plants and lampposts creating snow hedges themselves. 

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