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Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog/getaway. Just another awkward teen from Singapore and this is my style and travel blog. My hobbies include playing air guitar, petting stranger's dogs, sleeping in on weekends (being a natural bed head) and constantly craving for pastries or waffles (anything yummy basically). I do not wish to bore you any further and I hope you like my blog!

I live for corn dogs and dress like Homer Simpson on a daily basis.

This blog was made out of sheer boredom and wanting an informal place for documenting things that I liked.

Meaning of Takenoffandlanded:
Taking off is the hardest part for both pilots and passengers but once you're up in the air everything seems calm although there might be turbulence along the way but when planes land, relinquish washes over you. The moment is over and the cycle repeats again waiting for new planes/journeys to take off and new places or things to explore. Basically bursting into an idea with absolute no clue but doing it anyways hoping all things will remain the same during landing. 

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